Schedule a "big case analyzer" webinar during which we review balance sheet, income tax, goals, and legal document information. We will display a Value Proposition grid showing how the benefits of plan should far exceed the cost.

To sign up for a webinar, call 800-447-7090 to ask for Tim Voorhees or his staff. To have the most effective webinar, please provide "BIG DOCS" before the webinar. "BIG”Docs" include the Balance Sheet, Income Statement (or Income Tax Return) and Goals information, as well as legal documents for existing trusts or business entities.

We deliver much value on the $1000 webinars because we analyze documents before the webinar, provide interactive solutions during the webinar, and prepare a letter summarizing planning benefits after the webinar.  Please feel free to call or email to discuss.

Tim Voorhees, a principal partner at Million Voorhees Ziebold LLP ("MVZ"), maintains a national wealth planning practice in conjunction with locally licensed attorneys in each jurisdiction where he practices. Tim Voorhees is licensed to practice law in Maryland, and he is admitted to practice before the US Tax Court; his practice is limited to Federal estate and tax planning issues. In California, Gary Million and Mark Ziebold oversee a team of attorneys that draft and help execute legal documents. Except when engaged to consult on federal tax issues, Tim Voorhees does not practice law in California. He manages Voorhees Family Office Services, Inc. ("VFOS") and its affiliated investment advisory firm registered to offer investment planning advice in all 50 states. VFOS supports MVZ by providing plan design, reporting, and case coordination services necessary to illustrate and implement the advanced planning techniques described in Tim's books, articles, and speeches.